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Grim Soul: Dark Fantasy Survival

Grim Soul: Dark Fantasy Survival
  • Updated
  • Version 3.1.1
  • Requirements Android 4.1
  • Genre Action
  • Views 366 009
  • Google Play
  • Votes: 1849
  • Comments: 81
Popularity 72% 72%


Grim Soul: Dark Fantasy Survival - multiplayer role-playing game with elements of survival. Here, players have to survive in a dangerous world. It is necessary to build a strong asylum and look for different useful items and improve your hero's abilities. Also, users are waiting for a meeting with a zombie Apocalypse, against which the need to use found weapons and armor. To survive as long as possible, is to join a clan and work together to repel the enemy.
Grim Soul: Dark Fantasy Survival
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Comments 81

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  1. OroOloPL
    Brakuje mi w grze darmowych zakupów.
  2. OroOloPL
    I miss free purchases in the game.
  3. Russel
    the mod that i only need is
    -god mode
    -free craft
  4. Manoel Pain
    Manoel Pain
    nesse APK mod todos os eventos são liberados no mapa do jogo
  5. The Huntsman
    The Huntsman
    No need to used apps or zip for saving data....just connected your game on facebook...than the game will save on the progress....if you get new update...no worry...deleted old game and install new version...than...connected back to facebook...your save data will back...its easy way..i hv level 189 yet..update many time...
  6. Zenkiller
    Pls add some save data or zip please so we can save our process.
  7. Guest Ahmed
    Guest Ahmed
    Why we cant get events plz mod for events too.
    1. Guest Anonymous
      Guest Anonymous
      you need to spend some energy inb order to activate events if not run on multiple devices like on one device orginal version from play store and other was modded apk , open orginal version and spend some energy when event pop up comes close it and open modded apk and complete the event :)
      1. Guest Zed
        Guest Zed
        how to make u have same character in the game? for example when we run original app with "Zeus" Id. how to make a same Id like Zeus without binding acct in another cp bro
  8. Arsh
    Why , i downloaded some days ago and all i am getting update game notification not able to play. , Reinstalled for severall times. , I am doomed
  9. RodZero
    Thank you! Job well done!
  10. Jojo
    The envet in this game not come and how I get the horse until the envet not show in my map plz help me
  11. Guest Christian
    Guest Christian
    Para radiant a los putos
  12. Gage T. Wheeler
    Gage T. Wheeler
    Cannot instal
  13. Gage
    Please make the game have limitless stamina..
  14. R.Fish
    Now its beginning to suck, im now level 103 and im stuck., i cant progress on the game.. How convinient,.. Cant even save the game on facebook or google play..
    Please fix some of the things that doesnt work properly, like crafting and events, and also... Make it to beanle to save by using facebook or google play.. Or atleast on facebook.. I dont want to lose my game data.... Please fix this...
    1. HeroReborn
      Bro you can download es file explorer and game data file located at internal/android/data/grim.fantasy .survival.z copy this file and paste it any other place by changing its name such way save ur data
      But when u ever want to download again you have to copy again this data file and put to the initial location from where yo get it
      1. The Huntsman
        The Huntsman
        No need to used another apps...just save your progress on facebook...if get new update just connected back on fb...than your old save will show back..
    2. İ have a trick to do that
      İ have a trick to do that
      Contact me as soon as possible... İ have a useful trick
      1. Ismael
        How please show tell me . And how do I contact with you
    3. محمود
      امسح الفيس وسجل في اللعبة ب الفيس /اعمل مسح بيانات للفيس بوك بحيث لاتكون مسجل اي حساب علي الفيس
    4. Ismayel
      The game has only 99 lvl and you are in 103? 😂great
      1. Guest Jack
        Guest Jack
        Brother my level is 138. And in my alliance the leader is 187 level and we all 10 player are 120+ level
    5. MasY10
      uninstall your facebook app from phone and u can log in via your browser facebook after
  15. R.Fish
    please fix some of I think is a bug,...
    well I know that you can get unlimited items by splitting them, but there is some item that I want to craft .. please fix it, I really love this game... I'd appreciate it if you fix this...
  16. Guest Zeref
    Guest Zeref
    add the mod that gives you unlimited devotion points
  17. Abdollah
    How Can I catch the forsaken hermit? .I have made torture chaire
    1. Demiurge
      Control scroll. dont kill it. Near the map use scroll and go home
    2. R.Fish
      bro, in my case I always bring a scroll that controls the mind of monsters... try bringing some scrolls with you and go to a place where there are 3 sculls
    3. Zahoor
      Go to skull zone 3 and when you find one then use skroll of control over him. A red colour circle appear on him then just get out of zone, not needed to gi back any where just play your usual game because forsaken hermit get to torcher chair as soon as you get out of zone .. on first time, he will tell you about second floor and afterwards whenever you catch him he will tell you the shortest way to the chest. Enjoy
  18. Munna
    What are the mod features in this game? Please tell me.
    Is these mods are working in pvp specifically after joining any clan?
    Please reply
  19. Jimi
    The Link is down!
    1. aladin
      Chief Editor
      - enable or disable VPN

      - try switching Wi-Fi / LTE (4G)

      1. Plz help me
        Plz help me
        Plz how I get horse because the envet not show in my map plz help me
        1. Zahoor
          Always keep your energy under 10... Different events have different maximum energy requirements and 10 is the least one.. so you will get all events.
  20. QuePasta
    Mod has been great until recently. Started having problems connecting to server and kicking me out, twice while opening gold dungeon chests and lost everything. Annoying when you then have to wait to try again in a few hours.

    Fix this and add more frequent events. Ive only managed to have 2 so far. You could add a way of using energy quicker with the ability to refill to full when needed this way it's easier spawning events.

    The trophy heads do not show on the trophy spike. I do not know if this is right or not.

    Can not make leek soup in campfire, only mixed berries. There is a quest in Act 1 where you need to make 5 leek soup. (I managed to work around it by opening the game normally not through modloader (pandahelper) and cooking it, then reloading through pandahelper).

    I'm really enjoying the game but because of the server connection problem it is now unplayable. Please fix asayc. Great work otherwise

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