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Royale Clans – Clash of Wars

Royale Clans – Clash of Wars

Android 4.1
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Royal Clans - Clash of Wars - a strategy in which to defeat the enemy, destroying his castle. The game is in online mode with users from around the world. The gameplay for this kind of project is not new. Each player owns three buildings, and similarly the enemy. Task is to complete the destruction of fortresses. As battles go online, you need stable connection to the Internet.

First, the user is allowed to warm up, understand the intricacies and to get hand in three battles with a computer enemy. After this, you will need to beat already with real players. Each commander has a deck of cards in which there are characters with different characteristics. When you choose warrior is wasted precious energy, recovering only after a certain time. To win you need to properly manage fighters and skilfully to distribute the forces. Battles last a certain time. When it ends, and there is no winner, begins the countdown of one minute, during which the winner is the player who inflicted more damage.

Graphics here than meets the eye pixel performance and detail. Did not disappoint and the music - each battle is accompanied by a peppy soundtrack. Royal Clans - Clash of Wars - a good card strategy game that will appeal to fans of such projects.
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