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Candy Crush Saga

Android 2.3
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Candy Crush Saga – a fascinating game on Android and is a good example of how bored you to rethink the concept of "three in a row", where you want to move items of one color, collecting a combination of three elements. The game features colorful and original graphics, which is stylized in a theatrical production involving cardboard dolls. The plot unfolds the story of a girl named candy, inveterate sweet tooth. We will visit different places and enjoy many sweets.

The very mechanics of the game are not too different from their counterparts. We usually moved in a single number the same chocolates, trying to form the most successful combination. Candy Crush Saga there are others – full story and lots of interesting features. For example, the player is not restrained time frame, however, the number of available moves is limited. The more moves we managed to save, the more points you will earn. The passage level involves the performance of special mission.

A limit on the number of moves is forcing gamers to carefully consider each step, forming an intricate chain of movement of sweets. It is also worth considering collecting power-UPS, providing useful effects such as the elimination of vertical or horizontal blocks.

Some levels are very difficult. For their passage the developers have provided the opportunity to buy a set of extra moves. However, you can do without it, as with proper attention and focus even the most challenging places are passed with a few attempts. Summing up, it should be said that Candy Crush Saga claims to be one of the best games of the genre three in a row.
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