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GTA: Vice City

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GTA: Vice City - the legendary action on Android. Back in 2002, this game was installed on almost every PC, which indicated the enormous popularity of this product. Since mobile devices are rapidly rushing into the modern world, Rockstar decided to port its products to smartphones and tablets.

Since this is a full-fledged port, the plot and graphics remained unchanged. The action takes place in a beautiful city called Vice City, where the main character begins to build his career. But everything is shaping up in such a way that he gradually sinks into the criminal world, where he is waited for by dynamic chases and shootouts, as well as all kinds of criminal adventures.

Users will appreciate the fact that the mobile GTA: Vice City has all the possibilities of an open world. Even if you don’t want to go through missions, you can just steal a car and ride around the evening city while listening to a local radio station. Management in the game is convenient, which undoubtedly pleases. On the left side of the screen is a virtual joystick that controls the movement of the main character. On the right are additional function keys (fistfight, auto theft and fast running). In the car, a special control is activated, where instead of the joystick there are arrows for turns, and in place of function buttons there is a gas and brake pedal.

The disadvantages include the auto-aiming function in firing, as it periodically does not work, causing certain inconveniences. Otherwise, GTA: Vice City is a smart adventure gadget for mobile gadgets that will give you a dozen hours of interesting and exciting gameplay.
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