Monument Valley

Monument Valley
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    Android 2.3.3

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  • Monument Valley - puzzle on Android, made in an unusual visual style. After its release on Google Play, the project quickly gained the first position and was well received not only ordinary players, but also by critics, as the game with original gameplay goes far not every day.

    The main character name is IDA. She carries an important mission, the details of which are fully disclosed only at the end of the passage. This fragile girl uncontrollably trying to go through complicated levels created by the Great Beings. On the way she will give hints, but often they are instructive.

    Management Monument Valley simple enough, but do not forget that it is a puzzle, and somewhere among abstract structures hides the desired element that you need to either move or twist. Generally, in visual terms this game can rightly be called a masterpiece. In each level there are the hard work of the designers who created a truly impressive and moderately complex mazes.

    A physical model of the behavior of objects at times discouraging, and we can say that the standard logical thinking will not work here. The location of objects is often deceptive due to the laws of perspective, well integrated into the gameplay. These techniques often hamper the passage.

    Overall, Monument Valley is one of the best puzzle games for Android. Thanks to the efforts of developers and designers out came the original and unique project, which is unique to find.


Monument Valley

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    1. Omosetan

      Dont download this. Its the playstore version



      16 January 2020 10:42

    2. Bilibox

      Brings up Google play store when clicking play



      30 October 2019 02:18

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