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Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash
  • Updated
  • Version 2.111
  • Requirements Android 2.2
  • Genre Arcade
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Geometry Dash - an original platformer for android with a furious gameplay, made in a kind of neon style. The graphics are extremely minimalist, but very pleasant. The application relies on a combination of gameplay, rhythm and music. The latter is so good that there is a desire to download it separately. Fortunately, the developers have built a similar option.

The player controls a small square that moves exclusively forward and jumps when you touch the display. It is necessary to maneuver between the obstacles that we encounter on the way, and also to be afraid of frontal contact with the wall. One slightest mistake - and the level will have to pass again. It's good that it restarts instantly, avoiding time to reload and scoring. In order for you to get used to the frantic pace of gameplay, along with the mode of passing the game carefully provides a training mode.

Levels include several elements. In one of those, the player jumps over obstacles with a square, in the other he controls the plane, trying to avoid obstacles. Here the gameplay changes - when you click on the display the plane takes off, if you do not, it starts to fall.

In Geometry Dash, you should play in headphones - so you can feel the unity of the musical rhythm and gameplay. Another advantage of the application is the ability to create your own levels, as well as change the appearance of the main character.

Geometry Dash can bring you to the white heat of its complexity, but it is impossible to break away from it. If you are the owner of steel nerves and are not looking for easy ways, this application will be your perfect entertainment.

Comments 8

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  1. Gleyson2000BR
    Man, the game is really interesting you for sure will get angry because of the difficult, but it really is funny to play and a really interesting game, really appreciated it. In general I recommend this game 😁👍
  2. ClarkPlayz
    It Work!! But It Said "App Not Installed"
  3. ClarkPlayz
    I Mean Its Still Working But... For An Hour It Says "Files Is Pending"
  4. subg
    subg is best cod is bod also this gamsp is bda
    1. Warpig
      It's not the game that's bad, ITS YOU, your just raging cuz you kept dying, practice makes perfect
    2. Lurv
      Lmao okay 9 yr old, we get that u kept dying cus u cant pass 3 spikes and fly straight lol
  5. gg
    nOT foUNd tHe cOD
  6. Guest Sean
    Guest Sean
    Hi arhnie walang virus toh

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