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Toyota CEO doubts electric cars

Toyota CEO doubts electric cars
Akio Toyoda criticized the Japanese government. He does not welcome Japanese leaders in the issue of abandoning cars with gasoline engines and believes that a total transition to electric vehicles can play a cruel joke on the environment.

According to the functionary, the reorientation to electric cars will entail the depletion of energy resources in the summer. According to Toyoda's calculations, the development of infrastructure for electric cars in the country will cost the government $135-358 billion. Plus, the ban on gasoline-powered cars will lead to the collapse of the current business model, and many employees of enterprises that produce cars will lose their jobs. Toyoda also believes that electric cars will cause even more harm to the environment than gasoline counterparts, since Japan receives most of its electricity from coal and natural gas.

Toyota CEO doubts electric cars

According to rumors, the government of the Land of the Rising Sun intends to announce a ban on the sale of cars with gasoline engines from 2035. At the same time, the sale of cars with hybrid engines will be allowed. Curiously, the EU is also looking to ban ICE vehicles after 2035, and major companies have already announced their intention to electrify all of their major product lines.
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