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Scientists fear Martian soil will hit Earth

Scientists fear Martian soil will hit Earth
Some experts have expressed concern about NASA's intention to deliver rock samples from the Red Planet, as reported by the scientific publication Scientific American. Researchers believe that the soil may contain little-studied and potentially dangerous pathogens that can harm our planet.

Scientists fear Martian soil will hit Earth

NASA, in response to the concerns of scientists, assured that soil samples do not carry any danger. Representative of the space agency, astrobiologist Steve Benner explained that for millions of years a huge number of asteroids and other space objects fell on Mars, due to which a large amount of planetary matter has already dissipated and continues to dissipate through space. Hypothetical calculations show that about 500 kg of Martian matter arrives on Earth every year. Banner even said that on his desktop is a piece of stone from Mars, but the specialist did not specify where he got it from.

The specialist also noted that the process of dispersion of the Martian soil began 3.5 billion years ago, when there was no life on Earth yet. Even if any pathogens are present in the composition of the planetary substance, they have already harmed the biosphere of our planet many millions of years ago. And a few samples extracted by NASA will not change the situation.

The space agency plans to pick up and deliver soil samples to Earth in 2031. Especially for this, NASA entered into an agreement with Lockheed Martin, which will develop a rocket for transportation.
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