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Bill Gates recommended TOP 5 books for the summer

Bill Gates recommended TOP 5 books for the summer
The famous entrepreneur and public figure shared a list of books that he advises to read before the end of summer. The authors of the works are three writers, a journalist and a scientist. Among the issues covered in the books are climate change, the objective structure of the world and other topical issues that are not always taken seriously, especially among young people. Gates notes that each work is easy to read and does not carry an unnecessary information load.

Naomi Alderman - "The Power"

Bill Gates recommended TOP 5 books for the summer

A sci-fi novel set in a world where women have the ability to fire electrical charges, making them the dominant gender. Gates notes that the book touches on the important topic of gender equality.

Ezra Klein - "Why We're Polarized"

A non-fiction work that examines the problem of the polarization of American society, especially in the sphere of politics. Also, from the point of view of Gates, the book gives a qualitative understanding of the psychology of people.

Amor Towles - "Lincoln Highway"

A historical novel with elements of fantasy set in 1954 in the United States. In the story, the 18-year-old protagonist Emmett Watson, after serving a sentence for manslaughter, returns home and takes his younger brother to go to California in search of his mother who ran away many years ago. On the way, they meet a man from Emmett's past. In a commentary on the book, Gates notes how this work shows the tortuous path of each person.

Kim Stanley Robinson - "The Ministry for the Future"

Science fiction, in which one of the main themes is climate change. The Microsoft founder notes the depth and ideology of the book, as well as a fascinating story that affects a long time period and several continents.

Vaclav Smil - "How the World Really Works"

The work of the Canadian politician and scientist, who is one of the authors most revered by Bill Gates, tells about the relationship between man and global economic processes. Gates himself says that this book will be an excellent material for those people who want to know under the influence of what forces each individual human life is shaped.
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