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An unusual village appeared in Minecraft

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An unusual village appeared in Minecraft
A Reddit user with the nickname McEMau5 has created a transforming village in the game that radically changes its appearance with the onset of darkness.

At first glance, the village is not unusual, because many players have created similar mini-worlds. The most interesting thing happens to this village when night falls: instead of ordinary houses, very creepy buildings appear on the streets, and the walking dead replace the little men on the streets and in the houses.

It took McEMau5 several months to create the village. In the process of work, in order to achieve the desired result, the user created special structural block elements, where he uploaded models of ordinary and alternative sinister buildings. Further, using the daylight sensor to determine the time of day, the player made it so that when this sensor is triggered, the blocks are replaced. As the night passes, the village returns to its normal appearance.
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