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Windows 11 update: update features

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Windows 11 update: update features
The pre-release version of Windows 11 22H2 is expected to be released soon. She will get several features.

Windows 11 update: update features

Interface and required account

In version 22H2 and later, the user will need to have a Microsoft account one way or another. You will also need an internet connection to log in. An account will allow you to log in and start working on a PC without entering passwords, as well as speed up synchronization with related services and programs.

As for the interface, the developers have redesigned some of its outdated elements in such a way that they correspond to the modern design of Windows 11. In particular, the volume and brightness rockers of the screen, as well as the system tray, have undergone changes. In the latter, it became more convenient to pin and unpin applications. "Notification Center" has got a feature called "Attention Focus", now you can turn it on much faster.

Start and Task Manager

In the Start menu, to save space, we added the ability to organize programs into folders and set the size of the pinned shortcut area, which expands by one more line or shrinks to two to provide more space for the recommendation category.

The Task Manager also has improvements. So, it now provides for the design in accordance with the accent of the OS color scheme, the sidebar can be minimized after the window is reduced. In addition, there is support for a dark theme and the Efficiency mode option, which reduces power consumption by deactivating processes with a low priority for the OS.

Security and Settings

By default, version 22H2 uses the SmartApp Control algorithm. With its help, installed software is checked to detect genuine code signatures and activation of virus software is prevented. Also, by default, the system runs the HVCI hypervisor algorithm, which is responsible for tracking attempts to stockpile virus software through probably malicious drivers.

More useful information and functions can now be found in "Parameters". The Accounts section has an updated Microsoft account page, where the user can view the details of the Microsoft 365 subscription. In the same section, you can instantly go to other network settings and services, including the Family Safety section.

Gesture control and application window functions

The developers have worked hard to improve the system in the version for touch screens. Innovations include minimizing the taskbar on tablets when opening programs so they don't take up the entire display area, similar to the feature found on the iPad. Gestures have also been added that weren't there before: swipe up from the bottom to launch the Start menu and swipe from the right corner to go to instant settings.

To minimize all windows, the user will now be able to swipe down with three fingers on the central area of ​​the display. You can instantly switch between running applications by swiping left and right. In this case, all transitions will be accompanied by smooth animations.

As for owners of personal computers without touch screens, a useful feature has also appeared for them: when you hover over the top edge of a window or use the Win+Z keyboard shortcut, you will be able to select a pre-made screen split for comfortable interaction with two or more windows.

The pre-release build of the 22H2 system will be available on May 24th.
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