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Experts called the average brute force time in 2022

Experts called the average brute force time in 2022
Specialists from Hive Systems, which also deals with cybersecurity issues, conducted a study and found out how much time modern hackers need to guess passwords. Their work has shown that 8-digit passwords, recommended by many services, are not complete protection against hacking by intruders. The experts also gave some advice to ordinary users.

Experts called the average brute force time in 2022

In the report, analysts argue that when choosing a password, not only its size matters, but also the complexity, which is influenced by combinations of numbers, letters of different case, special characters. For example, using modern methods of password selection, hackers will be able to solve a cipher of eleven digits as quickly as possible, and of the same number of letters - in a few hours. If the user adds capital letters to such a password, then the selection of the combination will stretch for 5 months, and if numbers are also used, the procedure may take three years.

According to the laid out table, the most reliable option would be to use a password of twelve characters using numbers and letters of different registers. Today's computers would have to spend at least 200 years trying to break the cipher by bribery. If you take a password of 18 characters and add special characters to numbers and letters, then brute force will take a whopping 438 trillion years.

It must be said that the above figures are given without taking into account the correction for increasing the computing power of the PC. So, a couple of years ago, hackers would have had to spend more time completing a task. For example, in 2020 it would take them three years instead of five months to solve a combination of 11 lowercase and uppercase letters.

In September, experts from the Securitylab portal shared a list of the worst password combinations of 2021, which are an exact confirmation of a study by Hive Systems specialists.
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