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Microsoft developers began testing new features of Windows 11

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Microsoft developers began testing new features of Windows 11
The release of the latest Windows 11 update took place a couple of days ago, and developers have already begun testing the new functionality of the OS. Users participating in the Windows Insider Program can already test additional features in new available builds.

Microsoft developers began testing new features of Windows 11

The Start menu has acquired the function of creating folders. To do this, the user needs to move the shortcut of one application to another, while there may be several shortcuts in the folder. There is also the possibility of sorting and deleting shortcuts. Folder renaming will appear in new OS beta builds.

Windows 11 introduces five new gestures to make it easier to use touch screens. To call and close the Start menu, the user will need to swipe up or down, respectively. In the menu itself, you can swipe between applications, including pinned, all, and recommended/additional. When you swipe on the taskbar, quick settings will appear in the lower right corner.

Moving to the Notification Center on touch screens is accompanied by more elaborate animations. Also in programs focused on gesture control, there is now an updated full-screen capture, eliminating involuntary swiping from the edges of the display. The developers also talk about an increase in the speed and responsiveness of the screen when changing from portrait to landscape orientation and vice versa.

In addition to this, innovations were added to the Microsoft Snap Layouts feature - with its help it became possible to move the application to the top of the screen and display layouts available for use. The developers have also upgraded the Focus tool, making it possible to activate the Do Not Disturb mode. In this way, Focus can make it easier to turn off notifications, so the user will only see notifications or alerts that are in priority.

In test versions of Windows 11, the Live Captions captioning tool is being tried. Its call is made by pressing the Win + Ctrl + L buttons. Live Captions will become especially relevant for users with hearing problems. During its operation, text will be automatically generated on the screen from any media content that includes sound. Subtitles will be located directly in the window of the program that plays the content, or at the top or bottom of the screen.

Among other innovations, developers mention the ability to drag and drop on the taskbar, a simplified view of OneDrive through File Explorer, an improved Quick Access feature that allows you to pin files and folders. Changed default power settings to reduce power consumption. Task Manager also received a fresh design with a dark theme, a new command bar and an efficiency mode that allows you to set limits on the use of system resources for programs.

It is assumed that all of the listed functionality will appear in Windows 11 updates during the current year.
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