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Pixel Q4 2021 sales hit record highs

Pixel Q4 2021 sales hit record highs
Pixel sales for the last quarter of last year were a record. This became known after the publication of the financial report of Google and the comments of the company's CEO Sundar Pichai.

The top manager did not specify exactly how many devices were sold and whether this number includes devices of previous generations. However, it was in the 4th quarter of 2021 that the Pixel 6 line became available for purchase, so the sixth iteration of smartphones can be considered the most successful. It is worth noting that the record took place despite regular breaks in supply chains.

The company did not give exact sales figures, so in this matter one should be guided by the previously presented insider information. For example, Google placed an order for more than 7 million Pixel 6 and 6 Pro devices, which is more than double the volume for 2020 (3.7 million devices). The production of five million Pixel 5a was also ordered. Previously, the record year for the "pixels" was 2019, when 7.2 million devices were sold.

On the one hand, these figures do not stand out against the background of the success of other manufacturers who sell their smartphones in the hundreds of millions a year. But here we should make allowances for the fact that the Pixel 6 is officially available in only nine countries, and the Pixel 5a in only two. Also, at the start of sales, new devices were in short supply, they also had problems with raw software. Once all supply chain issues and software vulnerabilities are resolved, the Pixels may well sell eight figures.
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