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Epic Games summed up the results of the past year

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Epic Games summed up the results of the past year
Epic Games summed up 2021 by sharing brand store statistics and announced plans for the near future.

Gamer activity

• The total audience of users on EGS has increased by 34 million over the past year and reached 194 million. The number of daily active players stopped at 31.3 million (up 192%). For the Steam platform, these figures are twice as high - 62.6 million.
• The maximum number of concurrent gamers remained virtually unchanged at 13.2 million versus 13 million in 2021 and 2020, respectively.
• The maximum number of active players per day was 31.1 million.
• Gamers spent a total of 6.2 billion hours of gaming sessions in 2021 (previous year: 5.7 billion).
• There are 917 available games on the platform.

Epic Games summed up the results of the past year


• $840 million – that's how much EGS players shelled out, which is 20% more than in 2020 ($700 million). Projects from third-party creators (excluding Fortnite) received 265 million dollars.

Distribution statistics

• 89 games - so many projects were available for free to all users. In total, they were "taken" 765 million times. The total price tag of these games, excluding promotions and discount offers, is $2120.
• The 76 games that were available as free giveaways surpassed their all-time PC single player record by 13 times.
• New Year's Super Sale managed to attract 31 million gamers.
• Gamers purchased over 159 million items during the sale, up 14% from last year.

Payouts to media content creators and social media statistics

• Referral links from content makers (streamers, let's players, journalists, bloggers) were used to purchase games 4.7 million times (+11%). The exact amounts of payments are not named.
• The number of subscriptions to the pages of the service in social networks has grown in the proportions below.

EGS also published the top ten bestsellers and the most anticipated projects of 2022:

Plans for the future

In 2022, EGS users will have more features and tools in their account to improve their gaming experience. In particular, there will be detailed profiles, an improved organization of the game library, new social and community functions, expanding the scope of the Epic wallet to the whole world, and upgrading the launcher. The free distribution of games, beloved by many gamers, will not disappear anywhere. More detailed information can be found here.
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