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SpaceX aims for 52 launches in 2022

SpaceX aims for 52 launches in 2022
SpaceX is going to conduct 52 launches this year. Thus, last year's record will be broken in the future, when the company managed to successfully carry out 31 commercial missions. Plans on this issue were shared by a member of the NASA Aerospace Safety Committee (ASAP) Sandra Magnus at a round table on January 27. ASAP is responsible for providing NASA security advice.

Magnus said that NASA and SpaceX should be careful, because success can play a trick on them. However, she believes that the set bar for the number of launches is incredible and ambitious.

Crew Dragon was certified to deliver crews to the ISS back in 2020, after which flights with astronauts became regular. In addition, SpaceX delivers cargo to the ISS for NASA under a Commercial Resupply Services contract, using a combination of a Falcon 9 carrier and a Cargo Dragon shuttle. The company also performed the first launch of a civilian crew into orbit during the Inspiration4 manned flight.

So far, 52 launches are just SpaceX's plans, as the company previously intended to make more missions, but for some reason this could not be done. So, in February 2020, SpaceX was negotiating with the regulator regarding the approval of a total of 63 launches of its ships, but actually stopped at 31 launches. However, it can be considered a success.

This January, the company has already carried out 3 launches, in one of which the 2000th satellite of the Starlink network was launched into earth orbit. We also managed to save the Falcon 9's 3rd stage again after the next tenth launch.

The last launch of the Falcon 9 took place on the night of January 29th. The purpose of the mission is to transport the Cosmo-SkyMed Second Generation FM2 (CSG-2) observation satellite from Italy.

The company now has eighteen first stages of its reusable launch vehicles.

Soon, SpaceX should move on to testing new Super Heavy stages for Starship ships, which will replace the Falcon 9. The company does not abandon plans for expeditions to the Moon and the colonization of Mars.
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