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How Apple AirPods have evolved

How Apple AirPods have evolved
The Scan of the Month website showed the evolution of the Apple AirPods line of wireless headphones. The images show all generations of the device in an unusual x-ray format.

The very first headphones from the apple brand appeared in 2016. Since then, the manufacturer has repeatedly changed the design of the headset. Thus, the original model had downward-facing microphones measuring 2.1×1.2 mm. Three years later, the model with the Pro prefix saw the light with a completely changed appearance, including a different arrangement of microphones measuring 3.4×2.4 mm.

How Apple AirPods have evolved

In addition, the Pro version received an active “noise reduction” and other playback control functions. Remained on the headphones option to stop listening when removing one of the headphones, implemented by an infrared sensor.

In the third iteration of the headset, the microphones were returned to their original place, their dimensions were 2.9×1.8 mm. The pictures also show that the "insides" of the headphones also changed location, due to a change in their size and the introduction of new features.

All x-rays can be found here.
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