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Experts calculate when the last bitcoins will be mined

Experts calculate when the last bitcoins will be mined
December 13, 2021 went down in the history of the cryptocurrency market. Bitcoin mining reached 90% on this day. Experts calculated how long it will take for miners to mine the rest of the cryptocurrency.

The total emission of bitcoin is currently estimated at 18,897,390 coins. Even at the stage of the creation of the cryptocurrency, Satoshi Nakatomo put strict limits on the total possible number of mined coins in the amount of 21 million pieces. After reaching the bar of 19 million coins in thirteen years since the creation of bitcoin, miners will be able to mine about two million more. It is curious that the extraction of the remaining volume, according to analysts, will take about 118 years of continuous operation of all crypto farms in the world. According to data from halving charts and analysis of network activity, the last bitcoin will be received in 2140. It is also interesting that 99.62% of the coins will be mined by 2040, and the last token will have to be mined for 40 years.

In addition, experts estimated that the deficit of bitcoins on the crypto market will be approximately 3.7 million bitcoins, since their owners have already died or lost access to them. Also, 1 million coins are accounted for by the creator of the cryptocurrency Satoshi Nakatomo.
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