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NVIDIA Shares Interesting Announcements at CES 2022

NVIDIA Shares Interesting Announcements at CES 2022
Like many other companies in the electronics industry, NVIDIA was able to share interesting consumer developments. The main one was the RTX 3050 budget segment video card with good performance, retrace and a cost of $249.

The price of the video card makes it the most affordable among the RTX series. Previously, this place was occupied by RTX 3060, for which they are already asking for $329. The novelty has 8 GB GDDR6 RAM, it is built on the Ampere architecture using Tensor cores. Of the features, it is worth noting the support of DLSS-upscaling and other technologies based on artificial intelligence.

NVIDIA Shares Interesting Announcements at CES 2022

The graphics adapter can give 60 fps with retrace in 1080p resolution, which is enough for fans of gaming with not the highest requirements for picture quality. A democratic price tag according to NVIDIA's idea should motivate the transition to this video card from GTX devices.

The start of sales of the device is scheduled for January 27. It is likely that at first it will be difficult to find video cards at the recommended price in free retail, since NVIDIA will probably release more premium models a little earlier in order to make money on impatient players.

Sky-high prices for stationary video cards have forced many fans to switch to consoles or even mobile devices. NVIDIA offers RTX 3070 Ti and RTX 3080 Ti mobile adapters especially for this category. They are positioned as solutions for gaming laptops that cost no more than $1,500 and $2,500, respectively. It will be possible to purchase such laptops from the beginning of February.

The exact technical parameters of these video cards were not named. It is known that the adapters are designed for gaming sessions as Ultra-spec 100 and 120 fps, respectively, at 1440p. It is also stated that the 3080 Ti works faster than the desktop Titan RTX.

The NVIDIA Max-Q 4th iteration platform, which supports CPU Optimizer, will control the processor itself to ensure normal performance while maintaining optimal temperature and power.

Max-Q also has Rapid Core Scaling technology, which disables unused cores and overclocks the remaining GPU cores. At the same time, productivity should increase threefold. The platform will also save up to 70% of autonomy through Battery Boost 2.0.

Finally, the company presented its flagship RTX 3090 Ti. The device has a GA102 chip with an 8-nanometer process technology. The graphics card has a great similarity with the standard RTX 3090, but it has a number of advantages, including increased memory of 24 GB GDDR6X, increased performance by 10% and other improvements for 4K gaming and performing tasks related to the work of artificial intelligence. The estimated cost of the video card will be about $2000.

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