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Telegram received update 8.3 on all platforms

Telegram received update 8.3 on all platforms
Telegram messenger has been updated to version 8.3 on all devices. The update contains many general innovations, as well as individual improvements for mobile platforms.

First of all, the changes affected the system of protecting media content in groups and channels - their authors can impose a ban on downloading photos and videos, distributing messages and even saving screenshots. In addition, the functionality of deleting the history of messages in personal correspondence has been expanded - you can clear the history for a certain day or time period.

An option to control active sessions has been added to the settings, which allows you to quickly switch to the messenger using a pre-installed application or browser. In this case, the user can select a period of inactivity, after which all sessions will end. For all devices, you can enable permission to receive voice calls or initiate private chats.

The creators of open groups and channels will be able to send messages on behalf of one of these accounts - this will be useful for those who do not want to write from their personal account. If, after sending an application for joining a group from users, its administrator contacts the group, then the name of the group will be present on the plate. Administrators-bots received the function of sending messages to users who did not write to them first, but submitted an introductory application.

Android owners will now be able to apply color themes, previously only available for private chats, for the entire application. Some mobile devices received support for logging into an account without confirmation via SMS messages - they can be provided with the last digits of the phone number from which the call came from Telegram.

IOS 13 devices got a useful option for recognizing English text in an image without uploading the image to the server. Media captions began to support any formatting that was previously possible especially for ordinary messages. Also, user profiles, groups and channels got an update that meets the iOS 15 standards.

The update for Telegram can already be downloaded in app stores.
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