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NVIDIA Adds Full DLSS Support to Linux

NVIDIA Adds Full DLSS Support to Linux
NVIDIA DLSS (Deep learning super sampling) is antialiasing using neural networks. The technology makes it possible for a video card to render in low resolution, in order to then complete the picture in high.

NVIDIA Adds Full DLSS Support to Linux

In June, NVIDIA and Valve partnered to add anti-aliasing support to Linux through the Proton project. After a short time, supersampling was introduced into games with the Vulkan API. On November 25, Proton project version 6.3.8 was released, which supports DLSS for projects using DirectX 11 and 12.

In addition to major updates, the new Proton supports BattleEye anti-cheat, has an upgraded compatibility with games with the Valve CEG DRM protector and the latest version of the Steamworks SDK toolkit, and fixes minor bugs and bugs. Check out the changelog on the Proton GitHub page.

Currently, over 17,000 games are supported by Proton, which will be added to SteamOS 3.0 and will enable Windows games to run on the Steam Deck console. Valve recently announced that the company will be revamping its store's catalog and adding tags to indicate game compatibility with its handheld game console.

The Proton project was launched back in 2018. It is intended to enable the launch of Windows games from the Steam store on the Linux operating system. Proton itself is an improved Wine distribution with compatibility programs.
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