Love Island: The Game

Love Island: The Game
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  • Love Island: The Game - an interesting day for the ladies. In this game, the wearer will be able to start a rich virtual life, full communion with the pretty boys, Dating, and getting unforgettable emotions. First, you can choose facial features, hair style and other attributes of appearance for your character, then you can go to a romantic adventure. Excellent graphics and animation, multiple dialogs with various answers, interesting plot - all this will appeal to any girl.


Love Island: The Game

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Comments (9)

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    1. Misa

      Update pleaaase 🥺 I'd like to finally be able to finish season 2 minus the bugs



      1 May 2020 21:12

    2. Kahlehvee

      Thanks for the update guys. Just one more problem. In season 2 you can wear anything, but the game does not pick up that you have a special outfit. The housemates keep on commenting on the players bad wardrobe even if you choose something nice. Also in season 1 you didn't need to wait for tickets. In season 2, I have to wait two hours everytime for two tickets. Can you maybe take a look at that please. I would appreciate it. Thanks again for the great work, I love this game.



      5 March 2020 23:35

      1. Gordon Ramse

        I have the same problem and it gets kinda frustrating, have you found another version that lets you wear the outfits with the proper comments, or one with unlimited gems? Please let me know if you have, and I've also found another comment about this on a different website with the same apk/mod, and it says the islanders like it when you wear the Halloween costumes. I tried that and the girls complimented the character I was playing but when I went out Bobby said to change it up. If you've found a different version please let me know, and you could try the Halloween costume thing, best of luck and thanks in advance!


        Gordon Ramse

        16 March 2020 06:23

    3. Isabs

      Thank you very much!



      19 February 2020 07:48

    4. Kahlehvee

      I've been waiting forever for this game to be fixed. I hoped with the update that the mod will be fixed. It still gives you an error when you try to use diamonds to buy outfits or choices. Can you please fix the mod and the problem, so that we can finally play the game. I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance.



      18 February 2020 15:29

    5. Zenith

      Doesn't work.



      28 January 2020 15:53

    6. anqvish

      The mod doesn't work at all. It doesn't have unlimited gems or tickets, so it's kind of useless 🤷🏼‍♀️



      21 January 2020 17:07

    7. Guest Natasha

      The game will not let me buy choices or outfits with the gems. It keeps on saying an error has occured. I uninstalled and reinstalled the game. I cleared the cache. It still does the same. Even tried to log in with another email. Can you please help me with that. Or fix the issue? Thank you in advance. The game is:Love island the game


      Guest Natasha

      10 November 2019 18:26

    8. LittleCora

      Update please, i want to play but i cant becouse there is a comunicate that i need to update😫 pleaseee its very importamt for me. This game has stolen my heart 💔💗



      6 July 2019 20:48

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