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Meta showed off gloves for virtual reality

Meta showed off gloves for virtual reality
Meta Corporation, formerly Facebook, showed a prototype of the touch glove. The device is focused on virtual and augmented reality. The Reality Labs team is responsible for the implementation of the gadget.

The devices are equipped with actuator pads located on the palm and fingers. With their help, the user will be able to grab virtual objects and run his hand over surfaces. In the process of interacting with objects, air will flow into the pads, which will provide the effect of touching. In addition, the user will receive sounds and visual signals, which will provide an even greater effect of presence.

Meta showed off gloves for virtual reality

The company has been developing the technology since 2014, when it acquired the startup Oculus VR. In 2015, she already demonstrated a similar device in the form of a fingertip on a finger.

In addition to the above functionality, the glove can play the role of a controller in the virtual space, for which there are white marks on its surface that help the cameras follow the movement of the limb. Also, sensors are built into the glove, which are responsible for fixing the bend of the fingers.

Gloves are intended to be one of the controls for the upcoming VR glasses and headsets. At the same time, Reality Labs is working on simplified solutions based on electromyography, a diagnostic method that reads nerve impulses on the arm and converts them into digital input. Meta has already shown bracelets with this technology this year.

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