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The developers showed 15 minutes of Elden Ring gameplay, pre-order of the game also started

The developers showed 15 minutes of Elden Ring gameplay, pre-order of the game also started
FromSoftware, known for the games in the Dark Souls series, held a special broadcast, during which they showed 15 minutes of gameplay of their new creation Elden Ring. The project belongs to the genre of role-playing action, one of the script authors is the famous George R.R. Martin.

Elden Ring takes place in a dark medieval fantasy setting. The plot of the game will unfold around the events in the Midlands, which were previously ruled by Marika the Eternal. She was the owner of a powerful artifact known as the Ring, which endowed the territories and inhabitants of this world with "grace" or "golden light." Once the Ring broke up, and the heirs of Marika - the demigods-heroes of the Ancient Lords - distributed the fragments among themselves and began a feud. The main hero of the story will be the exiled Tarnished, he will have to return to the Middle Lands, take the power of all the fragments of the Ring and turn into the Ancient Lord himself.

The developers showed 15 minutes of Elden Ring gameplay, pre-order of the game also started

Distinctive features of the gameplay

In the presentation video, the creators of the project demonstrated the locations of the game world, including multi-level underground catacombs and a detailed map, where there is a possibility of putting marks. All locations will not be available immediately, but as you progress. In addition, the video showed game mechanics: making items, stealth (silently bypassing monsters or stealthily approaching enemies close), the ability to summon NPCs (spirits) or other players for help, the use of combinations of cold weapons and magical powers, transport in the form of a spirit horse for fast movement. The developers expect that the horse will become no less an important part of the gameplay than the Roach for the Witcher, and will also gain wide popularity among gamers.

Bonfires and lanterns in Elden Ring will replace the so-called "places of grace" where the protagonist can take a rest or heal wounds. Sometimes interacting with these areas will emit a beam of light that points to the player's next target. Such an opportunity will help those who will focus on the main plot.

Also during the presentation, the appearance of the keeper Melina with a tattoo was shown, a secondary task with saving the character in the form of Alexander's pot, a battle with a serpent and confrontation with the demigod Godric the Golden, armed with a huge ax.

The full recording of the broadcast can be viewed here:

Start of pre-orders and edition options

Elden Ring is now available for pre-order on Steam, PS Store and Microsoft Store. Players can choose one of the presented editions: Standard and Deluxe Edition, which includes an artbook and soundtrack. Recommended PC system configurations have yet to be announced.


• Standart - €59.99 (2499 rubles, 799 hryvnia)
• Deluxe - €79.99 (3299 rubles, 1099 hryvnia)

PS Store

• Standart - €69.99 (4999 rubles, 1999 hryvnia)
• Deluxe - €89.99 (6429 rubles, 2399 hryvnia)

Microsoft Store

• Standart - $69.99
• Deluxe - $89.99

However, there is an opportunity to purchase two Collector's Editions:

1. Standard - game, 23 cm tall Melina figurine, box with Elden Ring logo, artbook, digital soundtrack.
2. Premium - All of the above + Melina's full-size helmet.

Trailer announcing the start of pre-orders

Description of Collector's Editions

The announcement of the project took place at the Summer Game Fest 2021. The release of the game is scheduled for February 25 next year, although earlier it was supposed to be released on January 21. The closed multiplayer test will take place on November 12-14.

The game will be released on platforms: PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series X/S.

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