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A new technology for hologram imaging has been created

A new technology for hologram imaging has been created
SolidLight showed the process of creating three-dimensional holographic images using its unique technology. You don't need any glasses or screens to view the pictures, and the image will be created right in the air.

The development was named Light Field Lab, in the future it can be used in the field of multimedia entertainment and in business. The created image is dynamic and does not differ from real objects even at a distance of several meters. The developers demonstrated a 28-inch panel with a pixel density of 2.5 billion. For comparison, current 4K-panels have a pixel density of 8.2 million.

The creators of the technology notice that the pixels known to man emit light in only one direction. In turn, the Light Field Lab sends photons to a central region where light can converge and then diverge, resulting in an image visible to the human eye. All this makes it possible to look at the hologram from any angle without visible distortion. To create a color effect, you need to highlight photons in a specific area in front of the display, so that the final image looks three-dimensional.

For the demonstration, the creators showed a moving chameleon measuring 12×12 inches, as well as a two-inch watch. According to the developers, the technology will soon become available, but there is still a lot of work to be done to improve it.

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