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Amazon is working on an advanced smart refrigerator

Amazon is working on an advanced smart refrigerator
Business Insider has received information that Amazon has been working on a smart refrigerator codenamed Project Pulse for more than two years. The main feature of the device is the presence of a voice assistant Alexa, which is able to identify products on their shelves without human intervention and control the timely replenishment of their stock.

The system will be based on machine vision and AI technology already used in Amazon Go branded supermarkets. At the same time, the owner will not need to make any settings and lists of products, since the refrigerator itself will study the user's needs for food and predict the optimal purchase time. For example, if a person loves coffee with milk, and the latter is running out, then the system will order a product of his favorite brand in an Amazon branded online store or in nearby offline Amazon Fresh or Whole Foods stores.

In addition, the refrigerator will monitor the expiration date of the products, and upon its expiration, it will order fresh products and prompt the user to discard the expiration date. Another feature is the ability to offer the owner recipes for cooking, depending on the preferred diet or taking into account the available products. After the recipe is approved, the refrigerator will be able to immediately order all the necessary ingredients. Probably an additional option here will be interaction with Halo branded fitness services.

Amazon is working on an advanced smart refrigerator

It is noted that the Internet giant is developing a purely software part of a smart refrigerator, while for the production of components it will enter into a partnership agreement with one of the leading manufacturers of household appliances, for example, LG or Samsung.

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