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Android apps perform well on Windows

Android apps perform well on Windows
Applications launched using the Windows Subsystem for Android program for Android devices have shown their best side. Performance benchmarks appeared on the Geekbench benchmark.

It is expected that the basis of the Windows Subsystem for Android will be the Windows Subsystem for Linux - a subsystem in Windows for running Linux programs. The subsystem is driven by the visualization and emulation technology capabilities, which typically lead to high stress on system resources and reduced performance.

Android apps perform well on Windows

Considering that the Android version of the subsystem should work on top of the Linux version, which, in turn, works on top of Windows 11, then in theory there was no reason to expect satisfactory results. However, Geekbench refutes these judgments. In the screenshot, you can compare the benchmark performance with similar results for flagships powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 865.

It is possible that Windows Subsystem for Android mimics the operation of Android applications in such a way that they run on a device with a Snapdragon chip. However, all the results have yet to be verified. The very function of compatibility with Android in the October release version of Windows 11 will not yet be available.

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