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Epic Games Unveils New Fortnite Mode Inspired By Among Us

Epic Games Unveils New Fortnite Mode Inspired By Among Us
The creators of the popular "battle royal" shooter Fortnite have unveiled a fresh game mode Fortnite Impostors, which is clearly inspired by Among Us. It is designed for up to ten people, eight of whom will become bridge maintenance agents, and the other two will try to take over the facility.

The rules of the regime are quite simple: eight agents will have to maintain the functioning of the bridge by calibrating and repairing various elements, as well as completing tasks. At the same time, an important part will be the search for traitors and the teammates they eliminated. After finding the killed character, the participants will have to discuss who is the impostor to vote. To win, agents need to complete all tasks, as well as calculate all opponents.

For the traitors, the objectives will be to destroy enough agents to take over the bridge. Various mechanics that mislead rivals will help to carry out the plan. For example, impostors will be able to temporarily stop the execution of tasks by agents, move characters to another place on the bridge to hide their tracks, turn all participants into bananas to blend in with the crowd. Traitors will have their own list of tasks, but each goal accomplished by the agents will bring the latter closer to success.

Gamers will be able to queue up with a group of any size, and the empty spaces will be filled with other players. For fairness and interest in the gameplay, the characters will not be able to use voice chat for communication - they will only have access to emotions and the quick chat menu. For game sessions with friends only, select the "private" option. Depending on the number of players, the number of impostors will vary: there will be one traitor for 4-7 participants, and two for 8 or more.

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