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GTA 3 is a cult game that was recently ported to android. This is probably one of the first mobile projects in which the user is offered an open world full of possibilities. The scale of the game world is amazing, if you imagine that the application works great on smartphones and tablets with a small margin of performance.

According to the plot, the main character finds himself in a terrible mess, where his people betrayed him. But it all happened in such a way that he had a chance to correct everything and eliminate the offenders. After escaping from prison, a new life begins, full of dangerous adventures and difficult missions. In GTA 3 the user should complete a full career, from the very bottom to the peak of the criminal world. You can follow the signs and go through a variety of missions, or you can just cut through the city in search of adventure.

The graphics in the game is pretty good, but if you compare it with other Rockstar products (Vice City and San Andreas), then you can see that in the subject visual is much weaker. The controls are implemented quite conveniently: you can move around with the joystick on the right, and with the buttons on the left, you can perform various actions, such as hijacking a car, fist fight, or shooting a weapon.

GTA 3, no doubt, will be of interest to those who happened to pass this masterpiece more than once on their old-school PC. Well, new players are likely to enjoy the unusual, beautiful and huge game world, where you can do almost everything. In addition, this action is not too picky about the resources of the gadget, so you can even play on budget devices.
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Mod - money (android 7.0+)

Mod - money (android 2.2+)

- obb from 1.6 same to 1.8
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