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Hungry Shark Evolution

Hungry Shark Evolution
  • Updated
  • Version 8.8.6b348
  • Requirements Android 4.0
  • Genre Arcade
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Hungry Shark Evolution - an android game, the gameplay of which remotely resembles the movie Jaws, where a bloodthirsty shark hunts people. Thanks to the application, it is possible to visit the skin of a fierce sea predator, unless, of course, you are not confused by this role.

First, a young and inexperienced fish is available to the player. It is known that a shark dies if it stops moving, but no less than she needs food. Therefore, our main goal is to eat all kinds of marine life. Thus it is necessary to be afraid of inedible and frankly dangerous creatures, like jellyfish, poisonous fishes and other sharks, which have grown to impressive sizes. At a time when your ward is left without food, it begins to lose vitality.

Hungry Shark Evolution has an extremely simple control: after clicking on the display a virtual joystick guiding movement of the shark appears. The game has a very realistic physics, predatory fish smoothly turns and maneuvers.

The experience of the predator increases as the prey is consumed. Over time, the shark can increase almost to the size of megalodone. After a while in the sea there are different people: divers, fishermen, zazevavshiesya bathers. With the proper skill of a person you can grab even on the shore, after which you hurry back and forth. It's worth noting that the game is extremely bloody, but it's quite normal for a kind of shark simulator.

Hungry Shark Evolution - a dynamic arcade that can interest the player in the event that it is not deterred by the cruelty of what is happening.
Hungry Shark Evolution
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  1. Allysa Anne R. Salvo
    Allysa Anne R. Salvo
    Is it real? Can I really have diamonds?
  2. Kyden Josh Monteverde
    Kyden Josh Monteverde
    How to download it
  3. Jelo
    How to hack hungryshark ivolutin
  4. Guest Ivan
    Guest Ivan
    ilove this game
  5. Shihab
    I hope u add immortality 🙏
  6. Valentino
    Hungry shark evolution 8.6.0 mod apk pls
  7. Srtad
    Thx for game
  8. Y0Lo
    Why i cannot download it?
    It said not find... I already try to download it in 15 days
    1. Evan
      Delete the game bruh
  9. Clariz
    Amazing its actually a good cheat no need to find money anymore
  10. The f
    The f
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    1. Zoulplayz
      You are a bicth u know that
  11. To mare omo
    To mare omo
    Lol gioco bellissimo fatto malissimo
  12. Mortal kombat 3
    Mortal kombat 3
    Hack please
    1. Jang hyeon su
      Jang hyeon su
      Hyeon su jang is not for the war
  13. Guest Luna
    Guest Luna
    Hi hello this app is amazing woah

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