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FIFA 14 is a high-quality football simulator for Android. After the successful twelfth edition had two-year off, and during this long period of time, EA has produced a huge number of innovations and improvements that will appeal to fans of the mobile football.

The gameplay is, by and large, has not undergone enormous change. The user is given the opportunity to create the team of your dreams and make it to the top of football career. There is also a single player mode where the player can fight against any team, which, by the way, there are about 600. Overall, the content here quite a lot (16,000 players, 33 leagues), this game is demanding on the disk space of the device.

Management FIFA 14 implemented in two ways. The first is a classic virtual joystick that can be customized, changing the location of certain functions. The second method is implemented using gestures. Initially, it may seem too heavy, but a little practice, and play becomes much easier and exciting.

The graphics are also improved, and the level of effects and detail of the visuals closer to the computer counterparts of five years ago that mobile games are very good. Also, players will enjoy the soundtracks that complement the atmosphere and give a realistic.

FIFA 14 will surely appeal to fans of football simulators. Modern HD graphics, easy management with customizable and elegant career mode don't give chance to competitors, leaving them far behind.
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