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Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones
  • Updated
  • Version 1.56
  • Requirements Android 2.3.3
  • Genre Adventure
  • Price Free
  • Votes: 296
  • Comments: 12
Popularity 51% 51%


Game of Thrones - exciting game of the most popular modern series. The project was engaged in Studio Telltale Games, which regularly releases adventure projects. Here the user will play for five characters belonging to the family of Forrester. The narrative runs parallel to the events of the series and tells about the events, following the timeline of the universe from the third to the fifth season of the TV show. The player will meet with the famous heroes, all actions will have certain consequences. Intrigue, bloody violence, love relationship - that is what fans love the "Game of thrones", and it's all there.
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Comments 12

  1. Tan Tan
    Tan Tan
    Bruh why is this coming soon?
  2. Laraib
    For anyone who couldn't understand how to properly download it.
    You need to download two files ".APK" and a ".zip"
    But there are four of each type so you need to find out which GPU your phone has, it's really simple, just look it up on the internet, just search the specifications of your phone.
    For example I have a realme 7 pro and it uses adreno GPU so I need to download "game-of-thrones-1.56-adreno-5play.ru.apk" as the .APK file and "com.telltalegames.gameofthrones100.Adreno.zip" as the .zip file.
    When you download both files, extract the files from ".zip" that you downloaded it'll start as "com.telltalegames.*something*" Then copy/cut that folder and put it in Android/obb
    After that you can open the game and it will run without any problems(this is how you repair the black screen issue a lot of people said they are having).
    You should also note (if you don't already know) that you need both a .zip file and a .APK file. Otherwise you'll get a black screen. And make sure to download the files for your GPU
    I hope it helped.
  3. Jhai
    It' all black. I can't see nothing.
  4. Jhai
    It's all black. I can't see nothing
  5. KashDev
    Lmao... all this retards Downloading false game or if they launch "apk* saying it doesnt work lmao...
    Android>OBB put the 1GB files in there.
    And if screen black you need find out the right gpu idiots
    1. Dark legend
      Dark legend
      Yeah bro u r right, they are idiots cus they didn't know what gpu they have.
  6. Huzaifa Shikrani
    Huzaifa Shikrani
    Bullshit it's not working.. Episodes are coming soon..only 1st episode will work.other 2-5 episodes are coming soon
  7. Daniel martins
    Daniel martins
    I just wasted my mb for a piece of shit, its blank no display
  8. Laynecobain
    Game installed , all episodes purchased, but from ep 2 it says coming soon. can i change the status . With previous games like "Batman the enemy within" i only needed to restart the game to fix it
  9. Michael nwokedi
    Michael nwokedi
    I downloaded the game ND it stated something about not purchasing it
  10. Kunse
    This not work you guys wasted my mb this isn't showing display it's black
    1. nick daniel
      nick daniel
      exactly, piece of shit