Duskwood - Crime & Investigation Detective Story

Duskwood - Crime & Investigation Detective Story
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    Android 4.4

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    Role playing

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  • Duskwood - Crime & Investigation Detective Story - interactive action-Packed crime game with entangled scenario. In the story the main character, to be administered by the user who enters the story about the girl's disappearance. The phone number of the character is in the hands of the friends of the missing, with the result that they begin to suspect the protagonist of involvement in the crime. The hero realizes that he was framed, so decided to be proactive the real culprit. In the process of passing the player will have to make many crucial decisions that will affect the final outcome.


Duskwood - Crime & Investigation Detective Story

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Comments (5)

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    1. WonderSara

      The game stopped I think at the end of episode 2 when Cleo about to call me, what happened it should be updated or what?



      16 November 2020 20:32

      1. EinenPeeRATTEN

        It has to be fixed, I stopped at chapter 6, but I am really sure that there are still two more chapters, if not three.
        By the way, can you make premium choices?(ones who have extra flirting with Jessy, or those that confirm seeing a photo/video?9



        24 November 2020 13:11

    2. DeePeeraten

      Hey guys only premium photos are good to see, the videos won't play from people profile, and premium choices or messages cannot be sent, so please fix it.
      Thanks a lot for the mod though, I've been waiting for it since far too long.



      31 August 2020 02:59

    3. Vansh

      If we have downloaded the previous versions from your site can we update it? beacause if we delete and download then all progress will be lost.



      1 August 2020 08:08

      1. DiePeeraten

        I guess you could, like if you download for example game version 6.x.x modded by a certain guy with his signature or the 5play.Ru signature then the modder updates his tweaked app to like version 7.x.x it would only require new apk with same signature.



        25 August 2020 19:06

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